Deploy, Manage and Monitor Your Dedicated Cloud

Azure Cloud

CloudSimple provides dedicated, private cloud infrastructure for the VMware vSphere platform, delivered on all-flash hyperconverged infrastructure in public cloud locations. We deliver the infrastructure and all the necessary networking and management services, which frees up your team to focus on application consumption and policy enforcement.

CloudSimple Platform

The CloudSimple service consists of a Cloud OS that manages a dedicated, isolated Cloud to run native VMware and all its applications in a public cloud environment. Easily redeploy your on-premises apps to an elastic platform that has high speed, low latency, namespace access to native public cloud resources like Security, ML, Storage and other cloud services. Our unified view across your dedicated and public cloud VMware applications simplifies management while providing your users with self-service access to resources.

VMware vSphere platform delivered as a Service

CloudSimple provides full, native access to the VMware stack including vSphere/vCenter, vSAN and NSX-T. You get a ready-to-use VMware platform in a matter of minutes, ready for you to deploy VMs using familiar platform management tools. Behind the scenes, CloudSimple handles all deployment, upgrades, availability and support required to keep the platform running and resolve issue.

Unified Management

CloudSimple provides a unique and innovative paradigm for Hybrid Cloud management. We developed a unified interface for managing across VMware and Azure by integrating our API into the Azure Portal. While you can continue to use native VMware tools for administrative tasks, your end users can perform self-service management directly within the familiar Azure Portal. This single management tool allows you to leverage the identity, access control, and monitoring capabilities of Azure directly on VMware resources

Private Cloud Networking

CloudSimple provides all platform networking required to use the VMware platform, including VLANs/Subnets to design workload deployment, security rules to protect workloads, and high speed, low latency connectivity to public cloud networking. In addition, we also support a full suite of networking connectivity options including high-speed direct-connections (e.g. ExpressRoute), VPN, Public IP and Internet Gateways.

Next Generation Hybrid Cloud Architecture

CloudSimple gives you a dedicated cloud inside a public cloud. This enables hybrid paradigms that were not possible before. For example, you can reduce your backup costs by backing up directly to cloud storage. You can take advantage of Azure services such as Azure AD, Azure Monitor and Azure Load Balancers for application management. CloudSimple publishes solutions and example architectures that allows you to take advantage of this new paradigm. CloudSimple’s cloud-native ethos pervades its entire architecture, including edge networking. All edge access flows through the Public Cloud to ensure security, DDoS protection and high availability.

Supported Public Clouds

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