Use Cases

Ease Your Journey to the Cloud

CloudSimple improves efficiency and reduces costs across a wide variety of IT workloads. Whether moving completely to the cloud or creating a hybrid environment between on-premises and the cloud, CloudSimple makes the transition, well, simple.

Data Center Retirement or Migration

Get additional capacity when you reach limits of your existing datacenter or when you consolidate or retire hardware. Easily add needed capacity in the Cloud, and eliminate the headaches of procuring, deploying and managing hardware refreshes. Reduce the risk and cost of cloud migrations compared to time consuming conversions or re-architecture.

Disaster Recovery Platform

Establish a virtualized disaster recovery target using the CloudSimple platform. Reduce or eliminate the number of disaster recovery data centers under your management and take advantage of the lower TCO and security offered by the Cloud. Because your teams use the same tools and applications as on-premises, moving to the cloud is simple. And, you can bring your own licenses for Veeam, Zerto and other applications to keep your costs low.

High Performance Production VMware Workloads

Extend or move production workloads to the cloud. Process transactions, search and run big data apps on bare metal infrastructure that can handle your most demanding tasks and expand on-demand when needed. CloudSimple supports Oracle and other license restricted workloads so no changes are required in licensing when moving to the cloud.